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Motor Bikes5 months ago

Pol Espargaro is declared fit to run the Thai Grand Prix

Internet of Things6 months ago

Huawei already works in 6G according to its CEO

Internet of Things6 months ago

These “connected” sockets and switches replace the classic ones, they are controlled with the mobile and you can see their consumption

Medicine And Health6 months ago

Russia gathers its best geneticists to decide if it takes back the witness of China in the creation of babies CRISPR, according to Bloomberg

Artificial Intelligence6 months ago

The race to create technology capable of detecting deepfakes has begun

Medicine And Health6 months ago

A study exempts red and processed meat from WHO’s reproaches

Internet of Things6 months ago

A woman has just had twins at age 73 and this is still the beginning: technology does not stop advancing by leaps and bounds

Motor Bikes6 months ago

Álvaro Bautista considers not doing the free in Portimao to rest his injured shoulder

Artificial Intelligence6 months ago

That the launch of nuclear missiles after an enemy attack remains in the hands of the AI: the proposal of two US experts.

Internet of Things6 months ago

The case of “smart” ovens that light up at dawn and preheat to more than 200 degrees

Smart Homes6 months ago

NETGEAR presents the Orbi WiFi 6 Mesh, its most powerful mesh network system to date

Motor Bikes7 months ago

The drunk driver of an electric scooter who crashed into a tree was fined 1,000 euros

Internet of Things7 months ago

In Toronto they have proposed “dynamic curbs” that change the size of sidewalks and lanes according to traffic needs

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