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I have never really had this dilemma which have other seafood in my own high container)




I have never really had this dilemma which have other seafood in my own high container)

I am planning on that have a pretty quick area tank that have a good solitary betta and many tankmates, but I have never been capable of getting most of the seafood listed here as well as on other listings to have betta tankmates (WCM minnows, ember tetras, harlequin rasboras) and you may I’m iffy with the fluorescent tetras because I have had terrible luck with them prior to now (I have purchased a maximum of 10 and more than of them died in just a few days. Were there other kinds of rasboras/tetras that bettas get also? I have found mixed responses towards latter. Thank you in advance!

It’s hard giving a particular sure/no as the particular had bright colored long finned seafood having the bettas no difficulties, while some report significant violence and you may attacking (each situation are going to be novel and temperaments). It’s best to err privately out-of alerting, preventing most other territorial fish, bright-colored, otherwise ideal/facial skin feeders and you may dwellers. You could attempt brand new platy’s and you may monitor directly, and you will without a doubt might you prefer a pretty average-large-sized container.

What about danios, platies, otherwise lady swordtails?

Given that a teenager, my dad accustomed continue several seafood tanks with many different seafood varieties, thus i assume You will find the new abdomen getting caring for fish. Some time ago, I got several “bookend” tanks. I’d a masculine betta within the per. As i had many house plants, so you’re able to “clean” the tanks, I’d have fun with a turkey baster to help you bring liquid and you can yuck out-of for each tank and you will liquid the latest plants in it .. new plant life enjoyed it. In order to renew water I might fool around with a beneficial gallon jug out-of water which i got occupied whenever i removed the newest tanks brand new week just before, ergo tempering the water. It struggled to obtain years and both seafood and plant life was basically pleased and you can healthy.

Bloodworms are a good Snack for a variety of species. Bettas usually need Betta food, very simply to get flakes to the almost every other fish is a good suggestion.

It all depends to your seafood

I have an effective 20 girl Much time that house an Axolotl salamander, good 5.5 girl that have a Crowntail Betta & to keep up a stable (& affordable) dining also have on the Axolotl, I additionally keep good worm ranch. The fresh new Betta gets 1/dos a child earthworm 3-4 times/wk. The guy along with will get commercial Betta flakes however, naturally likes the fresh new worms, and you may, jerking one to nothing wiggly issue out-of my hands makes him be every macho & “flarey”…..nothing fishy-Large Content!! (Earthworms is actually easy keepers, pricing absolutely nothing to keep [immediately following arranged] & a reliable people should have viruses of any many years – a bulk to fit nearly all carnivorous container inhabitant.)

We have good five-gallon container that is founded and you can planted. I am going to get a puzzle snail however, wanted other container friends. I happened to be concerned with new passions from almost every other seafood which they could not are now living in a tank one to quick, otherwise they prefer schooling. Any tankmates your strongly recommend? (It is a male Velitail Betta.)

I wish to display my personal sense from neon tetras. They’re not really good container mates for bettas since the We have had my personal halfmoon’s fin nipped by the him or her. Finest not to ever domestic him or her with her no matter what container dimensions.

I have had my personal women Betta in good 20 gallon container having 4 neon tetras and you may dos black neon tetras to have 9 months now and everybody becomes together fine. I do features lots of hiding metropolitan areas and everyone has the favorite hangout area.

Hello! We currently have my personal men Betta within the an excellent step 3.5 gallon tank which have an enthusiastic otocinclus. (I am aware We cannot obviously have him in there, but he seems really pleased, and he could be really live.) But, my personal Betta usually both nip within my oto. Not often, however, time to time he’ll. You think however become ok with various seafood for the a beneficial 10 gallon? I am not sure in the event the he’d meet the requirements competitive or perhaps not….

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