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Internet of Things1 week ago

Amazon Sidewalk wants to connect your Amazon Echo with those of your neighbors, and will do so unless you do not deactivate that option

Medicine And Health2 weeks ago

They estimate that just vaccinating people over 80 will cut Covid-19 mortality in half.

Artificial Intelligence2 weeks ago

Facial recognition technology is getting better every day … thanks to our faces being used without permission

Smart Homes2 weeks ago

Elipson transports you to the 70s with its new Heritage XLS15 passive speakers

Motor Bikes3 weeks ago

The Fantic Caballero is updated to Euro5 in its 125 and 500 cc versions but says goodbye to the 250 cc

Internet of Things3 weeks ago

When hacking a smart light bulb can steal your WiFi password and private information in less than an hour

Medicine And Health3 weeks ago

Europe steps on the accelerator with the coronavirus vaccine and the European Medicines Agency advances the meeting to December 21 to give the go-ahead

Artificial Intelligence4 weeks ago

Artificial intelligence helps us make tough decisions, but we tend to allow (and prefer) it to decide for us

Smart Homes4 weeks ago

SEDNA: this humidifier is integrated into the home to control it through Google Assistant and Alexa

Motor Bikes1 month ago

Habemus trail: Harley-Davidson Pan America to start production in February

Internet of Things1 month ago

Two to Four Bedrooms and Unfurnished: A Look at Hong Kong’s Tech Mini-Floors with Smart Storage

Medicine And Health1 month ago

At least one in ten Spaniards have already had COVID-19

Artificial Intelligence1 month ago

Animating the digital Will Smith of ‘Gemini’ has cost millions, but Hollywood sees the massive use of deepfakes in the cinema near

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